Hello, I'm Zan Gantt
A motion artist and creative director with over ten years in the industry, making a home for my work in North Carolina. I believe in clear communication and purposeful design to create impactful experiences through motion. 
In this business, the process can seem obscure, but for me, it's all about simplicity and connection. My inspiration isn't abstract—it's the tangible world around me, the support of my friends and family, and the challenges faced by my clients that drive my creativity.
My approach is direct: understand the vision, create with intent, and deliver with clarity. Let’s cut through the noise and make your message move.
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Zan Gantt has built a reputation for excellence in motion design and animation, working with a diverse array of high-profile clients across various industries. 
Their portfolio showcases a wide range of projects, from corporate giants to innovative startups, each benefiting from Zan's commitment to clear communication, purposeful design, and impactful storytelling.
With a focus on simplicity and connection, Zan has consistently delivered exceptional results that resonate with audiences and exceed client expectations.
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