Agency - Myriad Media
Producer - Casey Boone
IBM Lead - Andrew Lindemann
DP for interview - Holt Menzes
Direction and Animation - Blueteam Zan Gantt + Mikey Zoppo
Creative Director - Spike Hoban
Sound Design - Jon Churchill
Writer - Brent Edwards
Project Overview:
Blueteam, in collaboration with Myriad Media, embarked on a project to create an explainer video for IBM Watson Assistant, a leader in the virtual assistant space. Our objective was to produce a piece that was not only educational but also entertaining, shedding light on the intricate algorithms that give Watson Assistant its competitive edge.
Creative Process:
Working alongside IBM News Creative Lead Andrew Lindemann and Creative Director Spike Hoban, our team, including animators Mikey Zoppo and myself, Zan Gantt, engaged in a dynamic creative process. Ideas were exchanged freely, allowing for a collaborative atmosphere that enriched the final product with a unique flair.
Narrative Development:
The narrative was anchored by an interview with leading chatbot expert Andrew Freed, who played a crucial role in humanizing the concept of AI. The conversation between the voiceover and the interview created a relatable dialogue, making the complex algorithms more accessible to the audience.
Visual Style:
A key element in our visual approach was the use of chat bubbles, which symbolized the interaction between humans and machines. After several iterations, we settled on a design that resembled classic fridge word magnets, blending a human touch with a digital aesthetic. This style struck a balance between stop-motion and digital animation, adding depth to the storytelling.

Attention to Detail:
Throughout the project, we paid meticulous attention to the little details that contribute to the overall impact of the video. Ensuring that the visuals aligned with IBM's 'Let's Create' brand platform was essential, as we experimented with various forms and concepts to achieve a stylistic yet approachable aesthetic.
Final Edits:
The editing process involved a thorough review to eliminate any content that didn't contribute to the story. What started as a 45-minute interview was distilled into a concise 3:42 video, enriched with stylistic animation that emphasized the core message.

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