Agency - Myriad Media
Writers - Spike Hoban, Brent Edwards, IBM Team
Storyboards and Illustration - Zan Gantt  + Mikey Zoppo
Sound - Daniel Cook
Editor - Zan Gantt
Designer - Zan Gantt
Motion Design - Zan Gantt + Mikey Zoppo
Project Overview:
In collaboration with Myriad Media, Blueteam founders Zan Gantt and Mikey Zoppo were tasked with creating a brand anthem video for IBM Garage. Our goal was to redefine the concept of a "garage" as a space for business innovation, where ideas are tested, learned, and transformed into impactful business applications.
Creative Process:
Working closely with the IBM team, we explored various looks, textures, motion, and connecting themes to accurately represent the essence of IBM Garage. Our approach was to use mixed media to tell this story, combining motion graphic elements, cel-animation, character rigs, photography, and live-action video to achieve a distinct and captivating visual style.
Technical Execution:
Understanding the function of IBM Garage was a challenge in itself, but crafting a video that encapsulated this understanding within a limited timeline was a monumental task. Guiding our clients through our thought process was crucial to gaining their buy-in and ensuring that the visuals accurately conveyed the intended message.
Narrative Development:
Blueteam aimed to showcase the unlimited possibilities that IBM Garage offers its customers. We wanted to encapsulate the idea of discovery and the harnessing of technology into a single motif. This was achieved through an animated texture created from existing assets and brand colors, symbolizing the power and potential available at one's fingertips.
Visual and Emotional Impact:
To reinforce the unique identity of IBM Garage, we incorporated existing brand elements such as hands, line artwork, colors, typography, and grid elements. These components helped to refine the multimedia look and convey the message of limitless possibilities and empowerment that IBM Garage provides to its clients.

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