IBM hired composer and artist Tim Exile to produce a track completely made from sounds sampled from IBM servers. Tim went above and beyond with his track, producing and playing live across the world. Tim sampled servers from Montpellier, France to Beijing, China. Tim worked closely with Joe Basile to figure out the best approach for writing the music for the video. Traveling to China with Alisha, Tim, Scott and myself, I worked as the onset director and co-dp with Scott Hillier to produce the live performance in the live server room in Beijing. One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences to date. 

Agency - Centerline Digital
Creative Director - Adam Good
Audio Creative Lead - Joe Basile
Art Director - Rock Schafermeyer
Editor - Zan Gantt
Motion Designer - Mikey Zoppo
Composition - Tim Exile
Producer - Alisha Hawkins
Director of Photography - Zan Gantt and Scott Hillier

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