Agency - Centerline Digital
Creative Direction - Dave Beaumler
Writing - Dave Beaumler
Editing - Zan Gantt
Sound - Centerline Digital Sound Dept. Dan Schnieder + Brandon Chapman + Joe Basile
Project Overview:
In 2016, Agency Centerline Digital and Creative Director Dave Beaumler embarked on an exciting project to create a promotional video for the groundbreaking collaboration between IBM and Sesame Street. This partnership aimed to revolutionize early childhood education by leveraging IBM's technology and machine learning capabilities alongside Sesame Street's decades of expertise in the field.

Creative Process:
The project involved a collaborative effort with sound engineers, producers, camera crews, and other key players working diligently to interview leading subject matter experts. These interviews provided valuable insights and sound bites that would form the backbone of the video's narrative.

Technical Execution:
As the video editor, I was tasked with adhering to IBM's established brand standards while crafting a unique side-by-side edit. The goal was to create a visual representation of the collaboration, alternating between IBM and Sesame Street perspectives to highlight their respective contributions. This approach paid homage to IBM's traditional split-screen style while introducing a fresh take to celebrate the new partnership.

Narrative Development:
Under the guidance of Director Dave B and the writers at Centerline, the message of the video was carefully crafted to emphasize the transformative impact of the collaboration on early childhood education. My role was to select the best takes in terms of sound and passion, weaving together multiple interviewees' voices to tell a compelling story.

Visual and Emotional Impact:
The video also incorporated existing content from IBM and Sesame Street, including video clips and still photography, to showcase the joy and connection experienced by children during their learning journey. The final product was a heartfelt, well-timed video that resonated with viewers and highlighted the potential of this innovative partnership.

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