Project Overview:
In collaboration with thought leaders Christina Holder and Leslie Gray Baker from Duke University, we embarked on a mission to craft an enlightening narrative about wildfire prevention. Our goal was to shift the focus from the typical doom-and-gloom approach to a more positive perspective, highlighting the significance of controlled burns in maintaining the health of our forests and wildlife.

Creative Process:
The project began with the Duke team masterfully crafting a script that would serve as the foundation for our story. Our responsibility was to bring this narrative to life through meticulously designed storyboards and illustrations. With a tight deadline of just two weeks, we were determined to create a visually compelling piece that would resonate with viewers.

Technical Execution:
To achieve the desired aesthetic, we employed a variety of tools including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Procreate. These software applications allowed us to create detailed and vibrant visuals that effectively conveyed the message of wildfire prevention and the benefits of controlled burns.

Sound Design:
To enhance the overall impact of the story, subtle sound design was crafted by Zan. The use of stock music, combined with carefully curated sound effects, added depth to the transitions and visuals, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Final Thoughts:
Despite the challenging timeline, we are immensely proud of the final product. This project not only allowed us to showcase our creative and technical skills but also contributed to an important conversation about environmental conservation. We hope that this story serves as a gentle yet informative touchpoint for individuals to learn about the crucial role of wildfire prevention in protecting our natural habitats. Special shoutout to Joe Basile and Mikey Zoppo for much needed collaboration with illustration and storyboards.

Agency - Blueteam Studio (Mikey Zoppo + Zan Gantt)
Writers - Leslie Gray Baker and Christina Holder
Storyboards and Illustration - Zan Gantt + Joe Basile + Mikey Zoppo
Sound - Zan Gantt
Editor - Zan Gantt
Motion Design - Zan Gantt

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