Agency - JumpingRock
Writers - Bobby Otten, Scott Hall, Zan Gantt
Sound - Joe Basile
Editor - Zan Gantt
Motion Design - Mikey Zoppo + Zan Gantt
Project Overview:
The Redhat Nascar Experience was a thrilling project that took the talented crew from JumpingRock and The Chicken Sound's Joe Basile, to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Their mission was to capture a full day's event for the Redhat Middleware team, which involved interviewing nearly ten people, recording the roaring sounds of NASCAR machines, and gathering B-roll footage of the high-speed action. Our mission was to take all that content and make magic.

Creative Process:
Director Bobby Otten led the charge in conducting the interviews, while Scott Hall, German Tabor, and Joe Basile captured the visual and auditory essence of the event. The challenge for Blueteam, lay in the unstructured nature of the content collected. It was like a puzzle waiting to be solved, with a story hidden within the chaos of live sound and speeding cars.

Technical Execution:
The task was to structure the narrative according to the Redhat team's specific talking points, which required sifting through hours of unstructured interview footage within a tight project timeline. We focused on crafting a story that not only hit all the desired talking points but also utilized the B-roll in innovative ways to enhance the narrative.

Visual and Emotional Impact:
The final piece was a blend of beautifully crafted content from Jordan Hershel, Mikey Zoppo, and myself, woven together with the edited footage to create a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing experience. The addition of custom-tailored design and motion elements brought the story to life, while Joe Basile's masterful on-site audio captured the essence of the event despite the challenges of the rumbling engines.

Looking back on this project, it stands out as a triumph of expertise. The ability to capture all this great content, distill unstructured content into a cohesive narrative, paired with the layering of motion design and the capture of high-quality audio in a challenging environment, marks this as one of our most uniquely successful projects to date.

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